Dzarto's Kafana in Kumanovo - Credits to where it all started

Credits & Acknowledgements

Dzarto's Kafana in Kumanovo - Credits to where it all started

Credits & Acknowledgement

First, we would like to acknowledge and thank Magda and Stefan for their conspiracy to bring Vesna and I together.

Second, we would like to thank Stanka & Djoko Josifovski, Vanco Mitevski, Slavica Mitevska & the National Museum of Kumanovo, and Stefan & Magda Jovanovski, for serving as tour guides, companions, and for just being awesome friends.


Cultural Heritage Experts

Vesna Brown

Stanka Pavlovksa


Public Relations

Mikica Milkovska


Translators & Interpreters

Vesna Brown

Magda Jovanovska

Stefan Jovanovski

Emilija Jakimovska


Friends & Family whom we’ve shared great adventures and experiences with in Macedonia:

Adriana Bogdanovska, Aleksandar Bogevski, Aleksandar Petkovski, Aleksandra Bogevska, Angel Stoševski, Biljana Trajkovska, Biljana Tygart, Bojan Stoševski, Boris Nečev, Boško Zdravković, Damjan Mitevski, Damjan Pavlovski, Dave Tygart, Delčo Baltovski, Delčo Mladenovski, Despina Mirčevskia, Divna Jordanovska, Djoko Josifovski, Dragan Manojlović, Emilija Jakimovska, Eric Manton, Frosina Stefanovska, Gjorgji Bogevski, Gjorgji Načevski, Gjorgji Trenev, Goce Zure, Goga Markoski, Goran Milanov, Ida Manton, Igor Chešmedzievski, Igor Dzartovski, Ivana Bogdanovska, Jani Bogevski, Jovan Rmus, Kiril Bogevski, Kostadin Kitanov, Lela Petkovska, Ljiljana Rmus, Ljuba Stoševski, Ljupka Chešmedzievska, Magda Jovanovska, Mima Bogdanovska, Mirjana Stefanovska, Mitka Milkovska, Nikola Iljovski, Peno Binov, Simo Trendevski, Slobodan Mirčevski, Sonja Fisher, Stanka Pavlovska, Stefan Jovanovski, Suz Linton, Suzana Mladenovska, Tanja Stoševska, Vančo Mitevski, Vasil Nikolovski, Vaska Dudin, Vera Markoski, Vern Fisher, Vesna Bogevska, Vesna Petkovič, Vlatko Kitanovski, and Vukosava Manojlović.


Photography Credits

All pictures taken by M. Jon Brown except as otherwise noted below, credited directly on the post to the contributor or provided by the winery.  All pictures, unless indicated on the post (such as mentioned on the Zrze post), except for a few tweaked for contrast or cropped, have not been altered using any photo enhancement software.

Megan Brown: Kuklica (pics 1,4,5,8, 10-18 and 63-68), Kumanovo – St. Nicholas (first 7 pictures), Kratovo (Pics 9 through 27 of first gallery and all 9 pictures in Monuments gallery)


Sean Brown:

Archaeological:  Bargala (All pictures in the first gallery, Skopje Fortress (last two pictures in black & white gallery, pics #22 & 23 in 1st Gallery),   Marko’s Fortress (1st 7 pics in Elephant Rock gallery, pics 6 -9 in Guardian gallery, pics 5-9 in Outer Walls gallery, all pics in Inner Walls 1st gallery, pics 4-18 in Prilep Cross gallery and pic 10 in Babuna Foothills),  

Churches & Monasteries:  Demir Kapija – St Mary (Pics 1, 8, 12, 13 & 18 in Interior gallery), Golem Grad – Sts. Peter and Paul (Pics 1, 3-6 in the 1st gallery and pics 3-10 in 2nd gallery), Kichevo – Immaculate Holy Mother of God Church Gallery (1st pic), Monastery Complex gallery (pics 1,2, 5-7, 11, 14-15, 20-23, 25 & 32, Chapel St. Nicholas (pics 3-5), Fountain (pics 1-3), Church doors 1st pic, Monastery Entrance pics 1 & 3, Monastery Flowers (pics 1,2, 4-11) & Monastery Pets (pics 1-6 & 9-10) Kriva Palanka – St. Joachom Osogovo (last 33 pictures of main church, last 21 pics of exterior frescos, Church of the birth of St Mary last 14 pics, 1st 24 pics of Other Misc Shots, and all the pics of the Old Inn with Buffet, Passageway & Reception, Tourism Building & Other Structures), Kumanovo – Holy Trinity The Church (pics 2, 6, 16 & 17, Other Structures pics 3 & 5,  Lesnov0 – St. Michael Approaching the Monastery (pics 1-7), The Church (pics 1-2, 4-5, 17, 19-21, Entrances to the Church (pics 12-13, Monastery Complex (pics 1-5) and Monastery Flowers (pics 1-5, 8-9 & 12,  Nerezi – St. Panteleimon (2nd Gallery), Skopje – Holy Saviour (Sv. Spas) Sarcophagus of Goce Delcev (pics 1-3), Church Exterior (pics 2-5 & 9), Fruits & Flowers (pics 1-5) Sveti Nikole – St Nicholas (1st 5 pictures),   Zrze – Holy Transfiguration (Church and Monastery Grounds Gallery pics 2, 5-8, 16-20), Well of Life Mosaic (pics 1-3, 7 & 8), Approaching the Entrance to the Monastery (pics 1, 7, 9, 11-14)

Cultural & Historical:   Mustafa Pasha Mosque 1st Gallery (pics 1,3, 6-7 & 24), Entrance Gallery (pics 5-8)

Scenic:  Bay of theBones The Bay (pics 1-6 & 36), Pile Dwelling Settlement (pics 1-, The Homes (pics 4, 6-13), Inside the Homes(pics 1-14), Scuba Diving(pics 3, 6-9) & The Museum (pics 1, 4-6),  Black Dream – 1st Gallery, Demir Kapija Canyon (1st 5 pictures),  Mount Galichica Mountain gallery (pics 1-3, 5-11, Views of the Lake (1-7)  Golem Grad (Snake Island) The Island (pics 15, 23-29), Port Vlaija (pics 2, 7, 9, 31-33), The Cave (pics 6, 13-20), Prespa Views & Lookout Ruins (pics 1-2), St Demetrius (pics 2, 4-5, 11-16), Sts Peter & Paul (pics 1, 3-6), Roman House (pics 1-7), Birds (Pics 6-10, 13-17), Other Fauna (pics 1-2), Flora & Funghi (pics 1-2, 11-12), Early Christian Basilica 5th Cent. (pics 1-12), Early Christian Basilica 5-6th.(pics 1-14), The Boat Ride There (pics 5-10), Lake Ohrid The Lake (pics 7-8 & 24, Boats on the Lake (pics 9, 13-15)  Mariovo (some pictures), Mount Baba – Pelister Peak (some pictures), Mount Bistra (1st Picture), Movie Bridge – Filmski Most (some pictures), Peshna Cave Cave Exterior (pics 1-3, 6-17), Cave Interior (pics 1-17), Medieval Fortress (pics 1-3), Chapel of St Michael (pics 1-9), St Michael Frescoes (pics 1, 4-5, Flowers (pics 13-14),   Vevchani Springs (1st Gallery, 1st 2 pics in St Nedela & 1st 5 pics in Rusa Sreda)

Village, Towns & Cities:  Bitola (some pictures), Brajchino More Architecture gallery (pics 2,3, 5-9, 11-13), Dihovo Flowers (All pictures in the gallery), Ljubojno pics 3-7, 15, 17-28,  Prilep (1st two pictures in the monuments gallery) Rapesh (some pictures), Smilevo (some pictures), Staravina (some pictures), Vevchani (Black & White Gallery pics 5, 10, 12 & 13, Color Gallery pics 1st 4 pics),

Wineries: Bovin Winery (Poolside gallery), Chateau Sopot Winery gallery (pics 4-11, 31-33), Vineyard gallery (pics 4-9), Imako Vino The Winery (pic 311), Inside the Vault (all pics)