Kaluzlija – St. Paraskeva

St. Petka or St. Paraskeva – Света Петка, Sveta Petka, Калузлија (Kaluzlija)

This monastery dedicated to Saint Petka is located about 40 kilometers from Štip on the foothills of Mount Plačkovica near the village of Kaluzlija.

We started the day in Bargala and the weather was beautiful. By the time we arrived at this monastery, rain storms had moved in. The first thing we noticed was that there were many different sources of Sveta Voda (Holy Water) featured in the 2nd gallery below. Next we climbed up to where the church was and we were greeted by a nice lady who invited us out of the rain. That is where we met the Head Mother, Polizena.

Polizena is very charming and is more than 90 years old. So with that age, she had to be born before 1918 and you know that she has witnessed a lot during her life time in the Balkans. We visited this monastery in May 2008.





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