Baba – Pelister Peak

Baba Mountain – Баба Планина – Pelister – Пелистер

The Bitola area has many strategic viewing points to see the Baba mountain massif and the Pelister Peak. The gallery below highlights just a few of them.  Baba Mountain is often referred to as Pelister, one of its peaks.  This peak is the third highest in Macedonia reaching 2601 meters or 8533 feet.    Baba is home to a National Park (National Forest) that encompasses an area of 171.5 square kilometers or 66.2 square miles.

Baba Mountain is located between two valleys. To the east there is the Pelagonia Valley and to the west there is the Prespa Valley. On top of Baba there are two glacial lakes called Pelister’s Eyes (Пелистерски Очи, Pelisterski Ochi)



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