Prespa – Pelagonija Diocese

Golem Grad – Sts. Peter and Paul

Saints Peter and Paul on the island of Golem Grad This 14th century single nave church dedicated to Saint Peter and Paul (Св Петар и Павле) is located on Golem Grad (Голем Град, also known as Snake Island) on Lake Prespa (Преспанско Езеро). Golem Grad is the only island in […]

Sts Peter & Paul on the Island of Golem Grad

Kurbinovo – St. George

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgi (Св. Ѓорѓи) – Kurbinovo (Курбиново) This monastery dedicated to St. George is located near the eastern shore of Lake Prespa on the slopes of Mount Pelister of the Baba Mountain Massif near the village of Kurbinovo (municipality of Resen).  An inscription above the altar informs us […]

Zrze – Holy Transfiguration

Church of The Holy Transfiguration, Crkva Sv. Preobrazhenie (Свето Преображение) – Zrze (Зрзе) Monastery This fully functioning and working monastery is located about 36 kilometers northwest from the center of Prilep and 34 kilometers east of Makedonski Brod near the village Zrze off of route R1303 taking a side road […]

Velušina (Velushina) – St. George (Velushki Monastery)

St. George – Velušina (Velushina) Manastirot Sv. Gorgi – Манастир Св. Ѓорѓи Велушина – Velushki Monastery – Велушки манастир The Velushki Monastery complex and church dedicated to St. George is located near the village of Velušina (Velushina) which is 15 kilometers south of Bitola (Битола) on route R2333 (about six […]

Slivnica – St. Mary

Saint Mary, Sveta Bogorodica (Св. Богородица) near Slivnica (Сливница, Slivnitsa) This medieval monastery, commonly referred to as the Slivnica (Slivnitsa) Monastery dedicated to St. Mary is located on the slopes of Mount Pelister, just off the eastern shore of Lake Prespa, three kilometers east of the village of Slivnitsa.  An […]

Slepče (Slepche) – St. John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist (St. John the Forerunner) – Sveti Jovan Preteča (Св. Јован Претеча) – Slepče (Слепче, Slepche) The Slepche Monastery and the church dedicated to John the Baptist is located in the Demir Hisar municipality near the village of Slepče.  As St. John, prophet and baptizer of Christ […]

Prilep – Sts. Peter & Paul

Saints Peter & Paul, Sveti Petar I Pavle (Свети Петар и Павле) – Prilep (Прилеп) This small church dedicated to Sts. Peter & Paul is located on the north side of Prilep in the village of Varoš (Varosh, Варош) adjacent to the road that leads you to the Holy Archangel […]

Malovište (Malovishte) – St. Paraskeva

Saint Petka – Saint Paraskeva – Света петка (Sveta Petka) – Malovište (Malovishte) Unfortunately, our visit to the picturesque mountain Vlach village of Malovište (Malovishte) in the Pelister National Forest, 24 kilometers east of Bitola was on an overcast rainy day.  This church dedicated to St. Paraskeva (Sv Petka) that […]

Gradešnica – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas – Свети Никола (Sveti Nikola) in Gradešnica (Gradeshnitsa) Following the main road into the village of Gradešnica leads you to the center plaza where you will find the church and a zadruga (general store).  We parked in front of the store and went inside hoping to buy some  […]

Kruševo – St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas – Sveti Nikola (Св Никола) in Kruševo (Крушево, Krushevo) This cathedral-style church dedicated to St. Nicholas is located in the center of Kruševo.  It serves as a magnificent landmark in this hilly region and its unique architecture is a departure from the style commonly used for churches built […]