Black River – Crna Reka

Black River – Crna Reka – Црна Река

The Crna Reka (Black River) is a tributary from the mountains in western Macedonia flowing south to Bitola where it makes a wide turn through the Mariovo (Мариово) region and heads northeast until it joins the Vardar (Вардар) River near Gradsko (градско).

The source of the Crna Reka is the Black Hole (Црна Дупка, Crna Dupka) near the village of Zeleznec (Зелезнец).  The river continues its journey through the village of Bučin (Бучин, Buchin,), then flows through Demir Hisar (Демир Хисар), and when it reaches the village of Skočivir (Скочивир, Skochivir) it has found the Pelagonia Valley in the Mariovo region.1

The pictures below are of the Crna Reka flowing through the Skočivirska Klisura (Skočivirska Gorge, Скочивирска Клисура).




Google Map for Zeleznec



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