Vardar River

Vardar River – Вардар Река

The Vardar is the main river in Macedonia. The river begins near Gostivar in northeast Macedonia and heads south through the capitol city of Skopje, through Veles and Demir Kapija until it enters Greece near Gevgelija1 and continues until the Aegean Sea. This is also the largest river in Macedonia and is 388 kilometers (241 miles) long.  In fact, this river was a vital part of sea trade in the past using boats to transport goods between the town of Veles and Thessaloniki.

The Black River (Crna Reka) that flows through the Mariovo region is one of its tributaries. The pictures in the gallery below were taken from the center of Skopje and then in the Demir Kapija (Iron Gate) canyon.



Google Map to Riverside in Skopje




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