Tresonče (Tresonche) – Sts. Peter & Paul

Saints Peter & Paul, Sveti Petar i Pavle – Tresonče (Тресонче, Tresonche)

The church dedicated to the two apostles is located in the mountain village of Tresonče (Tresonche) nestled within the Mavrovo National Park on Mount Bistra.  The village of Tresonče is located about 18 kilometers southeast of Janče (Janche) and 23 kilometers east-northeast of Debar in the Bistra mountain massif.  Tresonche is one of the more picturesque and culturally significant villages located in the Bistra massif such as Galičnik (Galichnik), Gari, Lazaropole, Janče (Janche), and Kičinica (Kichinitsa).

Tresonche is one of the Mijak villages located in the Mijačija area (Radika River area). Two such famous residents are Dičo Zograph, 18th century fresco painter, and Dimitar Pandilov, an impressionist painter.  The Mijaks are famous for their skills in wood carving, architecture, animal husbandry, and painting icons.  Located nearby to Tresonče is the Jovan Bigorski Monastery featuring exceptional wood carvings by the Mijaks, especially the iconostasis, and the Deer Leap Bridge (Elesnki Skok) that spans across the Radika River.

I was really captivated by the old tombs within the church grounds.



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