Debar – Kičevo Diocese

Zaum – St. Mary

St. Mary– Holy Mother of God – Sveta Bogorodica Zahumska – Света Богородица Захумска near Zaum This church dedicated to St. Mary was built in 1299 and is located at Zaum on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid at the foot on Mount Galičica.  The frescoes were painted in 1361. […]

Tresonče (Tresonche) – Sts. Peter & Paul

Saints Peter & Paul, Sveti Petar i Pavle – Tresonče (Тресонче, Tresonche) The church dedicated to the two apostles is located in the mountain village of Tresonče (Tresonche) nestled within the Mavrovo National Park on Mount Bistra.  The village of Tresonče is located about 18 kilometers southeast of Janče (Janche) […]

Rajčica (Rajchica) – St. George

Saint George the Victorious – Свети Ѓорѓи Победоносец (Sveti Gjorgji Pobedonosec) in Rajčica (Рајчица, Rajchica).- Raichki Monastery – Раички манастир – Rajchichki Monastery – Рајчички манастир This 14th century monastery, now a convent, is located in the village of Rajčica (Rajchica), close to Lake Debar (Debarsko Ezero) on the road […]

Radožda (Radozhda) – St. Michael

Holy Archangel Michael – Sveti Arxangel Mixail in Radožda (Радожда, Radozhda) This cave church (pešterna crkva) dedicated to the warrior Archangel Michael is located on the western shore of Lake Ohrid above the village of Radožda (Radozhda), 10.8 kilometers (6.7 miles) south of Struga and a little over 2 kilometers […]

Plaošnik – St. Panteleimon

St. Panteleimon & St. Clement, Sveti Pantelejmon i Sveti Kliment – Plaošnik. This church and monastery dedicated to St. Panteleimon is located on a very picturesque setting, just a few hundred meters below King Samuel’s fortress in Ohrid, above Lake Ohrid on an area called Plaošnik. Legends states that when […]

Ohrid – Sts. Constantine & Helen

Saints Constantine & Helen – Sveti Konstantin i Elena – Свети Константин и Елена in Ohrid (Охрид) This church dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helen, is located in very close proximity to the Church of Our Lady the Most Glorious (Sveta Bogorodica Perivleptos) on a hill overlooking the city of […]

Ohrid – St. Sophia

Saint Sophia – Sveta Sofija – Света Софија in Ohrid (Охрид) This church dedicated St. Sophia is located in the old part of the town of Ohrid was built in the shape of a basilica in the 11th Century.  St. Sophia, known as Sophia the Martyr had three daughters, Faith, […]

Ohrid – St. Katherine

Saint Katherine (Saint Catherine) – Sveta Ekaterina –Света Екатерина near Ohrid (Охрид) On the E65 highway just a few kilometers from Ohrid you will find this cave church on the side of a rocky hill located a short walking distance from St. Erasmus – Sv Erazmo. The path leading to […]

Ohrid – St. Erasmus

Saint Erasmus – Sveti Erazmo (Свети Еразмо) On the E65 highway just a few kilometers from Ohrid you will find this jewel on the side of a rocky hill. During the 3rd century, St. Erasmus lived in this cave, healed the sick, and was very instrumental in spreading Christianity in […]

Ohrid – Our Lady the Most Glorious (St. Clement)

The Church of Our Lady the Most Glorious – aka Saint Clement – Sveti Kliment (Свети Климент) Crkva Presveta Bogorodica Perivleptos  (Црква Пресвета Богородица Перивлептос) This church was built in 1295 during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Andronicus II Paleologus and dedicated to Our Lady the Most Glorious. In the late 1400s, […]