Trebeništa (Trebenishta)

The village of Trebeništa (Село Требеништа, Trebenishta)

Trebeništa (Trebenishta) is located about 13 kilometers north of Ohrid on the A3 highway (Ohrid to Kičevo / Kichevo).  Often spelled with an “e” at the end instead of an “a”, as in Trebenište (Trebenishte) is home to an Iron Age necropolis where the famous Golden Mask and other artefacts were discovered.  This golden mask is featured on the Macedonian 500 Denar banknote.  Scholars surmise that this necropolis was used by the citizens of Lychnidos, an ancient city on the Roman Via Egnatia, that very much lies under the modern city of Ohrid.

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We entered the village unguided, and though we didn’t find the necropolis, we did find some friendly villagers, village architecture as well as meadows and a small lake east of the highway.



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