Baba – Izvidnica Vanguard

Izvidnica Vanguard – Извидница

This is an excellent climb on Mount Baba. The rocky trail begins at Hotel Molika and ends 14 kilometers later at Golem Ezero (Big Lake). Golem Ezero is one of two mountain lakes on the mountain and they are commonly referred to as “Pelister’s Eyes”. Golem Ezero is at an altitude of 2,218 meters (7,277 feet) and for this hike we chose to follow the trail to the Izvidnica Vanguard which is at 1936 meters (6,352 feet). The hike starts out as a nice stroll through the forest until you reach Kopanki, where there are some picnic tables, a monument to Dimitar Ilievski, and an abandoned ski lodge. The trail continues up the ski slope with the ski lift on the right side until you reach the end of the ski lift. While traversing the ski slope you can enjoy many different wild flowers and insects. The trail is well marked shortly after reaching the end of the ski lift you reach an expanse of boulders that is hundreds of meters long. Here the hike becomes a climb as you negotiate each boulder or as Sean did in many places, you can jump from boulder to boulder. The views are wonderful.



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