Mokrino Springs (Mokrinski Izvori)

Mokrino Springs – Мокрински Извори – Mokrinski Izvori

These springs, as are the Smolare & Kolešino Water Falls, are located near the town of Strumica on Mount Besalica. The springs are named after the nearby village, Mokrino. The village was named because of all the marshes and springs in the vicinity, Mokro means “wet” in Macedonian. The springs themselves are located a short distance, approximately 80 meters from the road. In late spring of 2005, the “Mokrino Springs Forever” project, in cooperation with local citizens and authorities of selo (village) and the Municipality of Novo Selo, completed its project of landscaping the area, building a path and picnic areas, to make the site attractive for tourists. We drove down early one morning easily hiked to and appreciated Kolešino Falls, Smolare Waterfall and Mokrino Springs all in one day.



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