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Mokrino Springs (Mokrinski Izvori)

Mokrino Springs – Мокрински Извори – Mokrinski Izvori These springs, as are the Smolare & Kolešino Water Falls, are located near the town of Strumica on Mount Besalica. The springs are named after the nearby village, Mokrino. The village was named because of all the marshes and springs in the […]

Mariovo (Region)

Mariovo – Мариово Mariovo is a beautiful region in southwestern Macedonia located between the town Bitola and Tikveš Lake.  The region is broken down into sub-regions: Bitolsko, Prilepsko and Tikveško.  The area is famous for its iconic vistas, villages, meadows and mountains, and rock formations.  The pictures in the gallery […]

Lake Tikveš (Tikvesh Lake)

Lake Tikveš (Tikvesh lake) – Тиквешско Езеро – Tikveshko Ezero Shortly after exiting the western end of the wine town of Kavadarci is a road on the left that winds southward to Lake Tikveš (Tikvesh Lake). It is a very picturesque drive through the vineyards. At the fish restaurant located […]

Lake Prespa - Ribarsko Selp

Lake Prespa

Lake Prespa – Преспанско Езеро -Prespansko Ezero Lake Prespa is one of three tectonic lakes in Macedonia and it is the second largest lake in Macedonia. Two-thirds is owned by Macedonia and the remaining third is shared by Greece and Albania. There are actually two  Prespa Lakes, the second one […]

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid – Охридско Езеро – Ohridsko Ezero Lake Ohrid is located by the city of the same name in the southwestern part of Macedonia.  This tectonic lake is one of the oldest and deepest in Europe.  The lake covers 358 square kilometers (138.2 square miles) and is 693 meters […]

Two-toned blue boat on Lake Ohrid

Lake Matka – Matka Canyon

Lake Matka – Матка Езеро This lake is an artificial lake created in 1938 by creating a hydroelectric dam on the Treska River (Треска Река) and filling the Matka Canyon (Матка Кањон).  The lake is located just outside of Skopje near the village of Matka.  This is the oldest artificial lake […]

Lake Dojran

Lake Dojran – Дојранско Езеро – Dojransko Ezero This is a tectonic lake and the third largest lake in Macedonia is located near the small town of Dojran in south-eastern Macedonia. At its deepest point, the lake is only 10 meters (almost 33 feet) deep and most depths run from 3 to […]