Mount Jablanica – Јабланица Планина

Jablanica is located on the Macedonia-Albania border near the town of Struga west of Lake Ohrid and the river Black Dream.  We began our hike in the village of Podgorci (Подгорци).  The highest peak on Mount Jablanica is the Black Rock (Crn Kamen, Црн Камен) at 2257 meters (7404 feet) above sea level.

A local hunter and school teacher named Sasha served as our guide. We ran into a shepherd and his flock on the way up and at the top we arrived at a glacial mountain lake called Vevchanska Lokva (Вевчанска Локва) and had a picnic.  On the way down we enjoyed some wild blueberries and stumbled upon some kind of training area.

The pictures in the gallery below are in sequential order as they were taken during the hike.



Google Map to Vevchanska Lokva (Вевчанска Локва)

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