Slivnica – St. Mary

Saint Mary, Sveta Bogorodica (Св. Богородица) near Slivnica (Сливница, Slivnitsa)

This medieval monastery, commonly referred to as the Slivnica (Slivnitsa) Monastery dedicated to St. Mary is located on the slopes of Mount Pelister, just off the eastern shore of Lake Prespa, three kilometers east of the village of Slivnitsa.  An inscription above the western entrance states that the church was built and frescoes painted in 1607.  Another inscription indicates that the narthex was built and frescoes painted in 1612.  Some of the damaged frescoes were repainted in 1645.  The bell tower, enclosed porch and hospices/lodging were added in the 1800s.  The monastery’s lodging have recently been renovated.



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