Skačkovce (Skachkovtse) – Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity – Sveta Troica (Св Троица) in the village of Skačkovce (Skachkovtse, Скачковце)

This church dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is located in the village of Skačkovce (Skachkovtse), about 13 kilometers southeast of the town of Kumanovo on route R1204 that leads you to the town of Sveti Nikole.  The church is newly built in 2002 but is said to be built upon a 13th century sanctuary.

On its grounds, the church is surrounded by 20 hectares of forest.  There are lots of suitable places to rest, enjoy a lunch and nearby the church are some shaded picnic tables.  In addition to the new created edifices, there are many varieties of flowers and flora with wonderful color and are taken care of so well, you marvel at the work of the horticulturalist.






Field of Sunflowers Nearby to the Church


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