Bregalnica Diocese

Zletovo – St. Spyridon

Saint Spyridon –Свети Спиридон Тримитуски ( Sveti Spiridon of Trimythous) in the village of Zletovo (Злетово) This monastery church located near the village of Zletovo is dedicated to St. Spyridon (or Spiridon), Sv. Spiridon once a pious shepherd and now the patron saint of potters and the island of Corfu. […]

Sveti Nikole – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) in the town of Sveti Nikole (Свети Николе) This 14th Century church, Sveti Nikola, is located in the town of Sveti Nikole in the Ovce Pole valley (Овце Поле, valley of the sheep). The church was built in 1313 under the patronage of King Stefan Uroš […]

Štip – St. Nicholas (Sifieva)

St. Nicholas – Sv. Nikola (Св Никола) in Štip (Shtip, Штип) – Sifieva The church was built in 1867 on the site of an older church (Sifieva, Сифиева црква) that was built in 1341.  This is a basilica style church that is surrounded by verandas on the west, north and […]

Štip – St. Michael

St. Michael – Holy Archangel Michael – Sveti Arxangel Mihail – Свети Архангел Михаил  in Štip (Штип) This church dedicated to St. Michael, built in 1332, is on the road leading to the Isar Fortress overlooking the town of Štip.  There are no frescoes really remaining inside but the architecture […]

Kaluzlija – St. Paraskeva

St. Petka or St. Paraskeva – Света Петка, Sveta Petka, Калузлија (Kaluzlija) This monastery dedicated to Saint Petka is located about 40 kilometers from Štip on the foothills of Mount Plačkovica near the village of Kaluzlija. We started the day in Bargala and the weather was beautiful. By the time we […]

Lesnovo – St. Michael & St. Gabriel

Saint Michael, Holy Archangel Michael & St. Hemrit Gabriel of Lesnovo – Свети Архангел Михаил и пустиножителот Гаврил Лесновски (Лесновски манастир, Lesnovo Monastery) Records indicate this church and monastery was built in 1341 on top of a basilica and the frescoes were completed by 1348 and in 1357 King Stefan […]

Konče (Konche) – St. Stephen

St. Stephen – Sv. Stefan – Св. Стефан, Konče (Konche, Конче) This monastery and church dedicated to St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, in the village of Konče (Konche) was built in 1366.  Originally, when the church was built it was a monastery dedicated to St. Mary (Св Богородица).  Hence, […]

Gorni Kozjak – St. George

St. George – Sv. Gjorgji (Цв. Ѓорѓи) –  Gorni Kozjak (Горни Козјак) This 9th Century Church dedicated to St. George is located about 100 meters from the ancient town of Bargala, and about 16 kilometers away from modern day Štip near the village of Gorni Kozjak.  The foundation of the […]