Bregalnica Diocese

Konče (Konche) – St. Stephen

St. Stephen – Sv. Stefan – Св. Стефан, Konče (Konche, Конче) This monastery and church dedicated to St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, in the village of Konče (Konche) was built in 1366.  Originally, when the church was built it was a monastery dedicated to St. Mary (Св Богородица).  Hence, […]

Gorni Kozjak – St. George

St. George – Sv. Gjorgji (Цв. Ѓорѓи) –  Gorni Kozjak (Горни Козјак) This 9th Century Church dedicated to St. George is located about 100 meters from the ancient town of Bargala, and about 16 kilometers away from modern day Štip near the village of Gorni Kozjak.  The foundation of the […]