Lazaropole – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas, Свети Никола (Sveti Nikola) near Lazaropole (Лазарополе)

This church dedicated to Saint Nicholas is located near the high mountain village of Lazaropole on Mount Bistra.  The Miak (Mijak) village of Lazaropole is famous for its heritage of producing master woodcarvers and fresco & icon painters (zographs).

Lazaropole in English means Lazar’s Field (Pole, Поле means ‘field’).  According to legend, during the Middle Ages the villagers fleeing from the Turks hid in a cave called Kalina Dypka (Калина Дупка).  The Turks set the cave on fire and only one person, Lazar (Lazarus) escaped.  Lazar then set out to rebuild the village in the field and thus the village is now called Lazarus Field (Lazaropole).1



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