Kaneo – Birth of St. Mary

Church of the Birth of St. Mary – Sv. Mala Bogorodica – Цв. Мала Богородица in Kaneo (Канео)

This church, dedicated to the Holy Virginy, is located on the Kaneo peninsula on Lake Ohrid just below the Church of St. John the Theologian (Sv. Jovan Kaneo).  Above the entry into the church is written, “Roždestvo na Presveta Bogorodica” which translated into English is “Dedicated to the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God”.  The Birth of Mary (Mala Bogorodica) is celebrated on the 21st of September.

Our favorite way to reach this small church is to rent a boat.  This also gives one an opportunity to go around the peninsula.



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