Kriva Palanka – St. Joachim Osogovski

St. Joachim of Osogovo – St. Joachim Osogovski – Св. Јоаким Осоговски (Sv. Joakim Osogovski), Osogovski Monastery – Осоговски манастир (Osogovski Manastir)  in Kriva Palanka (Крива Паланка)

Just a kilometer from the southeast side of Kriva Palanka into the foothills of Mount Osogovo you will find St. Joachim  Osogovski Monastery complex. There are two churches in this complex, one dedicated to St. Joachim built in 1851 and the other dedicated to the Birth of St. Mary. This is where St. Joachim spent his life of prayer and asceticism until his death in 1105. The monastery was founded later in the 12th century in his honor but no original structures remain today.

Near the entrance to the compound is this sign identifying all the buildings. Below is an English translation.

  1. Камбанарија Bell Tower
  2. Црква “Св. Јоаким Осоговски” Church “St. Joaquim of Osogovo”
  3. Црква “Раѓање на Св. Богородица” Church “Birth of St. Mary”
  4. Писарница Archives
  5. Пречистителна станица и тоалет Treatment plant and restroom
  6. Стар конак со бифе Old Inn with buffet
  7. Пролазна зграда и рецепција Passageway and reception
  8. Туристичка зграда Tourism building
  9. Нов конак со угостителски објект New inn with restaurant
  10. Конак плочаница Living quarters
  11. Нови апартмани New apartments
  12. Отворен трем Open pavillion
  13. Владички конак Bishop’s quarters
  14. Тоалет Restrooms
  15. Амбар за жито (Апартман) Barns for grain (Apartment)
  16. Амбар за ориз (Апартман) Barns for rice (Apartment)
  17. Лебарница Bakery
  18. Паркинг Parking


Church – St Joachim of Osogovo



Frescoes on the Exterior of St. Joachim



Church of the Birth of St. Mary



Old Inn with buffet



Passageway and Reception



Tourism Building






Other Structures



Other Miscellaneous Shots



Older Other Miscellaneous Shots



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