Daily Archives: April 5, 2015

Kumanovo – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas – Свети Никола (Sveti Nikola) in Kumanovo (Куманово) This 19th century orthodox style church dedicated to St. Nicholas is located very close to the center of Kumanovo.  Many ceremonies are conducted here within the innate gallery interior with galleries and there is a separate building for the baptistery. […]

Kumanovo – Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity – Света Троица (Sveta Troica) in Kumanovo (Куманово) This church dedicated to the Holy Trinity was built at the turn of the 20th Century.  The church is located just a few steps from the heart of Kumanovo, just behind the Trajko Prokopiev Culture Center, Dom na Kultura (Дом […]

Holy Trinity (Sv Troica) in Kumanovo

Deljadrovci – St. George

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgji (Свети Ѓорѓи) in Deljadrovci (Дељадровци) – Deljadrovski Monastery –  Дељадровски манастир This church, near the village of Deljadrovci, is located right on the E75 highway and is a very familiar sight to those who have traveled between Kumanovo & Skopje or just headed south from […]