Štip – St. Nicholas (Sifieva)

St. Nicholas – Sv. Nikola (Св Никола) in Štip (Shtip, Штип) – Sifieva

The church was built in 1867 on the site of an older church (Sifieva, Сифиева црква) that was built in 1341.  This is a basilica style church that is surrounded by verandas on the west, north and south sides. This church dedicated to Saint Nicholas is located on the western side of Štip just below the Isar Fortress.

An inscription above the western entrance reveals the church was consecrated on 10 May 1867.  During the 19th century, the typical style of building churches in Macedonia tended to be of large size.  See St. George in Negotino and St. Nicholas in Kumanovo for other examples.

The pictures in the gallery below were taken above from the Isar Fortress.



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