Kruševo (Krushevo)

Kruševo – Krushevo – Крушево

Тhe town of Kruševo is located in western Macedonia about 30 kilometers east of Prilep on route 1306 and about 25 kilometers north of Demir Hisar. Due to Krushevo being on the slopes of Mount Busheva’s highest peak, Musica (Мусица) at 1788 meters (5,866 feet), Kruševo has the honor of being the ‘highest’ town in Macedonia.

In 1903, during the Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman Empire, this town was the capital of the Krushevo Republic (Крушевска Република). The town is well recognized for its historical landmark, the Ilinden Monument, also known as the Makedonium (споменик Македониум).

This town  was featured on the reverse side of the 10 Denar note issued in 1993.

1993 10 Denars - Reverse Side

Located within Kruševo is the Toše Proeski Memorial House and very nearby is the famous site of Mechkin Kamen.  Aside from its cultural heritage and historical attractions, Kruševo is a popular year round destination for skiing, mountain biking, and parasailing.


Kruševo at Night


Kruševo in the Winter


Nearby Tobacco Field


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