Deljadrovci – St. George

Saint George – Sveti Gjorgji (Свети Ѓорѓи) in Deljadrovci (Дељадровци) – Deljadrovski Monastery –  Дељадровски манастир

This church, near the village of Deljadrovci, is located right on the E75 highway and is a very familiar sight to those who have traveled between Kumanovo & Skopje or just headed south from Kumanovo.  This church and monastery complex dedicated to St. George is located  within a few hundred meters is a Makpetrol service station.

This unique red brick basilica style church with white stripes was built in 1921.  The complex does offer rooms to let for overnight guests, has picnic tables and shaded areas for a quiet respite from highway travel.






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