Mlado Nagoričane – St. Paraskeva

Saint Petka (Paraskeva) – Sveta Petka (Св Петка) in the village of Mlado Nagoricane (младо нагоричане)

This church dedicated to St. Petka, also known as St. Paraskeva of the Balkans, is located in the village of Mlado Nagoricane, about 1о kilometers east of the town of Kumanovo at the base of Kostoperska Karpa (Kostopersi Rid).  Construction of this single nave church was between 1626 & 1628 and there are still some fragments of the old frescoes from 1628. Some reconstruction and preservation took place in 2003.

There are two other churches in Mlado Nagorichane: one to St. Mary (Sv Bogorodica) and one dedicated to St. George (Sveti Gjorgji).  Also very close by in the village of Staro Nagorichane there is the 11th century Church of St. George the Great Martyr.








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