Brajčino – St. Paraskeva

Saint Petka (Св Петка) – Saint Paraskeva (Св Параскева) – Brajčino (Brajchino)

This monastery dedicated to St. Paraskeva of the Balkans (Petka) is located less than a kilometer east of the village of Brajčino (Brajchino). Brajchino is in southwestern Macedonia close to the eastern shore of Lake Prespa and sits just on the edge of the Pelister National Forest on Mount Baba. Records do not indicate when this church and monastery were originally constructed but there are records of a reconstruction in the 1700s. The other buildings in the complex, i.e., used for administration and lodging have been rebuilt several times over the centuries, once in 1911 after being destroyed by a fire in 1903 and have been rebuilt again since then.





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