Brajčino (Brajchino)

The Village of Brajčino – Брајчино (Brajchino)

The village of Brajčino (Brajchino)  in southwestern Macedonia close to the eastern shore Lake Prespa is an exemplary model of hospitality, vitality and ecotourism. It sits just on the edge of the Pelister National Forest on Mount Baba.  It is 30 kilometers south of the city of Resen and 16 kilometers south of Pretor.  According to page 50 of the Macedonia Census in 2002, this village had 61 households and a population of 134. The river/stream, also named Brajčino gently strolls around the village.

When you first enter the village you are welcomed with a sign and later you are welcomed by the residents. There is much to explore in this picturesque village but as you are strolling around, out for turtles crossing the road!

In addition to great hikes in the nature, Brajčino offers a few bed & breakfasts with very nice conditions at very low rates with great wholesome food from the farm.  Divna, the proprietor of the B&B that we frequent serves fresh baked breads and pastries, fresh yogurt, homemade jams, freshly picked fruits & berries and salads.

There are six churches in the immediate vicinity of Brajčino, that include picturesque hikes to reach them such as St. Elijah (Sveti Ilija, Свети Илија) and St. Paraskeva (Sveta Petka, Света Петка).










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