Kruševo – St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas – Sveti Nikola (Св Никола) in Kruševo (Крушево, Krushevo)

This cathedral-style church dedicated to St. Nicholas is located in the center of Kruševo.  It serves as a magnificent landmark in this hilly region and its unique architecture is a departure from the style commonly used for churches built in the early twentieth century.

In 1903, during the Ilinden uprising, Kruševo became the seat of the Kruševo Republic (Kruševska Republika).  Kruševo served as the seat of the new government and President Nikola Karev.  During the uprising the original church built in 1832 was severely damaged and the church you see now was built in its place in 1905.

Another church and monastery located near Krushevo is the Church of the Holy Savior (Sveti Spas)


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