Rajčica (Rajchica) – St. George

Saint George the Victorious – Свети Ѓорѓи Победоносец (Sveti Gjorgji Pobedonosec) in Rajčica (Рајчица, Rajchica).- Raichki Monastery – Раички манастир – Rajchichki Monastery – Рајчички манастир

This 14th century monastery, now a convent, is located in the village of Rajčica (Rajchica), close to Lake Debar (Debarsko Ezero) on the road to the town of Debar.  Debar is only a few klicks away.  Where as the church is from the 14th century, the current monastery buildings were completed in 1835, then later burned, was then used as stables and remained in ruins until renovation in 1999.  This is when it became a convent. In the upper part of the complex there are nice views of Lake Debar.  This monastery has a close connection with the Jovan Bigorski Monastery.

The legend states that when he was 20 years old, George served under Emperor Diocletian as a tribune. When Diocletian began persecuting Christians, George proudly declares his Christian beliefs to the emperor. The king imprisoned George ordered his feet put in the stocks, and weighed down by a heavy stone on his chest as a start to his torture. Later, he was to be beheaded. In all these sufferings George unceasingly prayed to God. The miracles at his grave and before being imprisoned, the act of raising a dead man, led to his sainthood.



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