The Village of Dihovo – Село Дихово – Selo Dihovo

The picturesque village of Dihovo is located in the foothills of Mount Pelister in southwestern Macedonia, about 7 kilometers west of Bitola.  A great setting with wonderful air, hospitality and villas offering rooms to let, makes this village a great base camp for those touring the area.  The village is also just a couple of kilometers from the main entrance to the Pelister National Forest.  Along with the villas are great architecture, flowers and a church dedicated to St. Demetrius (Sv Demetrija).

This trip to the Pelagonija valley was actually a father-son 4 day adventure trip and we used the village of Dihovo, particularly Villa Dihovo, as our base station.  This Villa is well known for its great breakfasts, and its beer, rakija nd wine, all homemade.

Day 1 – We dropped the ladies off in Ohrid and stopped by to see Sv Erazmo, Sv Ekaterina Velika, the village of Trebeništa before heading to Bitola.  In Dihovo we explored the village, enjoyed some great skara (grill) in Bitola and then some of the homemade wine at Villa Dihovo before hitting the sack.

Day 2 – This featured a hike through the Pelister National Forest and climbing over boulders at Pelister’s Izvidnica Vanguard.  The day ended with some great pizza from pizza restaurant Millenium just off the pedestrian street Shirok Sokak.

Day 3 – A tour of the Mariovo region.  We stopped at the villages of Gradešnica, Rapeš (Rapesh), Staravina, and Zovik.  We enjoyed the Crna Reka, in Zovik there was the Movie Bridge (Filmski Most), and St. Nicholas in Gradešnica. Because of the rough terrain, we were unable to reach the Chebren (Чебрен) monastery.  The day ended with a very fine dinner at Restaurant Grne while enjoying a World Cup game and highlights of others.  Afterwards, another evening of karting followed by more homemade wine at the villa.

Day 4 – After another fine eco breakfast of fresh breads, farm eggs, tomatoes, and homemade jams we decided to explore the town of Bitola.  On previous trips we have enjoyed Heraklea, so our first stop was at the Museum.  We also strolled down Shirok Sokak and other streets marveling at the architecture. Soon it was time to go as we planned to take the long way to Ohrid via the villages of Babino and Smilevo to pick up the ladies.






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