The small town of Berovo (Берово)

Berovo is located on the slopes of the Maleševo (Maleshevo) mountains on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border. With it’s terrain, snowy winters, cool summers and a nearby artificial lake, the town is a year-round destination spot for sBarrels 013010 0014nature lovers, those interested in ecotourism and those pursuing cultural heritage adventures. The forests, oak, pine and beech, provide the materials for many of the weekend houses and other constructions you can see in the gallery below.  Berovo is also home to a beautiful artificial lake and the Holy Archangel Michael Monastery, (Berovski Manastir, беровски Манастир)


Whereas you can enjoy home-made rakija at any of your stops in Macedonia, this is one of the few places in Macedonia where Šlivovica (Shlivovitsa), Šlivovitz, ‘Šlivo” is commonly distilled. Šlivovica (Shlivovitsa) id a fruit brandy distilled from fermented plums. We had the pleasure of enjoying some mountain Šlive while visiting a barrel maker.


The town, the seat of the Berovo municipality, is located about 53 kilometers north of Strumica (Strumitsa), and 55 kilometers east of Kočani (Kochani). According to the 2002 census, the town had a population of 7,002 but now it is likely closer to 10,000.




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