Stracin (Stratsin)

The Village of Stracin – Село Страцин (Selo Stracin)

The village of Stracin is special to me as this is the birthplace of my Godfather Vančo and one day he took me to this village where we enjoyed a nice barbecue and picking fruit. On a long pole, Vančo had fashioned and a clipper, and a small net around a ring to make it easier for picking fruit, such as pears, out of arms reach that will bruise when they hit the ground. It’s ingenious! Simply lift the pole, position it under the desired fruit, snip and the fruit falls into the net!
The Stratsin area is hilly and features rugged living, a very rocky terrain and somehow they managed to have fruit trees and raise goats. From the architecture of the buildings you can see they made great use of the native stones. Part of the Kratovo municipality, this village is located 36 kilometers east of Kumanovo and 17 kilometers southeast of Kratovo. According to the 2002 census, Stracin has 79 households and a population of 185.



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