Ohrid – St. Mary’s Hospital (Bolnica)

St. Mary’s Hospital (Bolnichka) – Holy Mother Bolnichka – Sv. Bogorodica Bolnička – Св. Богородица Болничка Охрид

This hospital (bolnica) church located in the old part of the town Ohrid close to the lake and just opposite of St. Nicholas Hospital (Sv. Nikola Bolnički) was built in the 14th Century.  In the first picture in the gallery below, St. Mary’s is on the left and St. Nicholas is on the right.

In 1833, the Miak (Mijak) woodcarver, Nicolas Darkovska Karadzhovik (Никола Дарковски Караџовик) from the village of Lazaropole carved the iconostasis for the church from walnut wood.  The church underwent minor changes in the 16th and 17th centuries.  In the courtyard are a few graves of former monks and abbots.1



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