Titov Vrv (Tito’s Peak)

Titov Vrv – Титов Врв aka the “Big Turk” – Голем Турчин (Golem Turčin)

Titov Vrv (Tito’s Peak) is at 2748 meters (9016 feet) above sea level and is the highest peak entirely in Macedonia.  It is part of the Šar Planina Шар Планина (Šar, pronounced “shar”). The highest peak in Macedonia on the border with Albania is Golem Korab. The pictures in the gallery below are in the order they were taken during a hike late in the month of May.

At the top of the climb at the crest of the peak you are greeted by a tower.  It takes to four to six hours (depending on your ability) to ascend to the top so make sure you make an early start.  Much of the hike is easy on the knees and is not difficult, except the last 200 to 300 meters; you have a steeper incline to reach the tower.  If you have some extra time, there are some waterfalls in the area.



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