Beljakovce (Beljakovtse) – St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas – Sveti Nikola in Beljakovce (Бељаковце, Beljakovtse)

Today’s family journey was a five kilometer hike through the village of Beljakovce (Beljakovtse) on the way to see Saint George (Sveti Gjorgi) Beljakovo Monastery.

Approximately 2 kilometers into the hike, from the village dirt road I spotted what I thought was the outline of a church buried in overgrowth. We left the dirt road and headed to the spot and as we got closer I could make out a cross. We had to go walk around the overgrowth and some tombs and then we had to go under an overhang (separate) from the church to get to the front door of the church. See first picture gallery.

Some of the frescoes we saw inside the church are simply stunning. The second picture gallery below begins with frescoes on the wall behind the iconostasis and the altar, and with the captivating fresco of the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus. I also noticed the old Yugoslavian Dinars in the collection tin. Obviously, no one has visited here for a long while.

From an inscription on a wall inside the church we learned that it is dedicated to Saint Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) and underwent renovation in 1901 by the residents of Beljakovce. This frescoes definitely date well before 1901. The architecture of the church suggests that it was built at least in the 16th century or earlier.






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