Vevchani Springs

Vevchani Springs, Вевчански Извори (Vevčanski Izvori)

The pure waters of the Vevchani Springs and its idyllic nature can be found just on the western edge of the small town of Vevchani. Vevchani (Вевчани) is located on the eastern foothills of Mount Jablanica in southwestern Macedonia about 13 kilometers (17 minute drive) north of Struga and 14 kilometers north of Lake Ohrid.

There is a wonderful trail (appropriate for all ages) that starts from the entrance to the park (close to an old mill) and winds its way through the springs, diverse variety of flora, the brooks and the beech wood forests up to the significant spring at Jankov Kamen.  Jankov Kamen is the highest point of the trail at 1344 meters (4410 feet) and the lowest part of the trail is 910 meters (2985 feet).  The entire trail is 6.6 kilometers long (approx. 4 miles) and between the highest and lowest point it is only 434 meters (1423 feet). There are over ten separate springs that make up the “Vevchani Springs”.

At these springs you will see two churches, one dedicated to St. Nedela, another one identified as “Rusa Sreda” (which literally translates to “Blond Wednesday” in English).  Rusa Sreda is more commonly known as Prepolovenie (Преполовение) referring to the feast of the mid-Pentecost that is celebrated on the 25th day after Easter. There is also a sanctuary dedicated to the Baptism of Christ at the north side of the park.

If you are coming from Skopje, the drive to Vevchani is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes and about 30 minutes from Ohrid depending on traffic.  The town is also famous for its annual celebration on 13 & 14 January called the Vevchani Karnival, an annual tradition for over fourteen centuries.  The pictures in the first gallery below are taken in order from the entrance to the park and loops around the springs.


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Church dedicated to St. Nedela


Church dedicated to Rusa Sreda – Prepolovenie


Sanctuary – Baptism of Christ


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