Vevchani Springs

Vevchani Springs, Вевчански Извори (Vevčanski Izvori) The pure waters of the Vevchani Springs and its idyllic nature can be found just on the western edge of the small town of Vevchani. Vevchani (Вевчани) is located on the eastern foothills of Mount Jablanica in southwestern Macedonia about 13 kilometers (17 minute […]

Mokrino Springs (Mokrinski Izvori)

Mokrino Springs – Мокрински Извори – Mokrinski Izvori These springs, as are the Smolare & Kolešino Water Falls, are located near the town of Strumica on Mount Besalica. The springs are named after the nearby village, Mokrino. The village was named because of all the marshes and springs in the […]