Karpino – St. Mary

Saint Mary – Sveta Bogorodica in Karpino, Karpino Monastery (Карпински Манастир,  Karpinski Manastir)

On this day Vesna and I set off for a seven kilometer hike to the Karpino Monastery as the dirt road was not conducive for our Honda Accord, so we left it in the village of Suv Orah. On the way we found a very nice place stop, a sacred place complete with sitting area and icons. It was here that we also encountered our guide, a stray dog. Vesna fed him some cookies and he led us all the way to the monastery.  Mount Kozjak also served as a reference point.



King Dušan provided the funds to build the monastery in the 14th century and it served as a literary center during the Middle Ages (1). During World War II the Germany army set fire to the monks’ sleeping quarters (1). Some of the icons date from the early 1600s and in the 2nd galley below there is one of St. Mary that is dated “1613”.







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