Suv Orah

The Village of Suv Orah (Сув Орах) Also known as Orah or Suvi Orah (dried walnuts), the village is located about 26 kilometers (16.3 miles) east of the center of Kumanovo in the Staro Nagoričane (Staro Nagorichane) municipality in the foot hills of Mount Kozjak.  Not to be confused with […]


Mount Kozjak This mountain is located on the Macedonian border with Serbia.  The highest peak is Virovi (Вирови) at 1,284 meters (4213 feet).  There are other geographical references to Kozjak in Macedonia: Another mountain located in the Prilep area Two villages, one in the Resen and one in the Karbinci […]

Plačkovica (Plachkovitsa)

Plačkovica – Plachkovitsa – Плачковица A short drive from Štip (Shtip, Штип) will bring you to this mountain, Plachkovitsa, in Eastern Macedonia.  Near the summit of Lisec (Лисец) and the Zrnovska River gorge we discovered an old basilica, a great hike, mountain goats and wonderful views.  We even discovered the […]