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The Mountain Village of Mavrovo (Маврово) Mavrovo is the name of the village (town), the lake, the national park (national forest), the valley, the resort, a trout, a municipality, and a region.  Due to the terrain and natural beauty, this is a four seasons destination featuring many outdoor activities such as […]

Dolni Disan (Dolni Dissan)

The Wine Village of Dolni Disan (Долни Дисан) The wine agricultural village of Dolni Disan (Dolni Dissan) is located about 7 kilometers (12 minute drive) south of city center of Negotino, in the Tikveš (Tikvesh) wine region.  The hilly terrain surrounding this village is famous for its old vineyards, unique […]

Suv Orah

The Village of Suv Orah (Сув Орах) Also known as Orah or Suvi Orah (dried walnuts), the village is located about 26 kilometers (16.3 miles) east of the center of Kumanovo in the Staro Nagoričane (Staro Nagorichane) municipality in the foot hills of Mount Kozjak.  Not to be confused with […]


The small town of Berovo (Берово) Berovo is located on the slopes of the Maleševo (Maleshevo) mountains on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border. With it’s terrain, snowy winters, cool summers and a nearby artificial lake, the town is a year-round destination spot for nature lovers, those interested in ecotourism and those pursuing cultural heritage […]

Trebeništa (Trebenishta)

The village of Trebeništa (Село Требеништа, Trebenishta) Trebeništa (Trebenishta) is located about 13 kilometers north of Ohrid on the A3 highway (Ohrid to Kičevo / Kichevo).  Often spelled with an “e” at the end instead of an “a”, as in Trebenište (Trebenishte) is home to an Iron Age necropolis where […]

Klečovce (Klechovtse)

The village of Klečovce (Клечовце, Klechovtse) Klechovtse is about 22 kilometers east of Kumanovo (Куманово)and is located close to the Pčinja (Пчиња, Pchinja) and Kriva (Крива) Rivers.  We were visiting friends in the nearby village of Strezovce (Стрезовце, Strezovtse) and took a short hike between villages.  First, we came across […]

Maleševo (Maleshevo)

The Maleševo (Maleshevo) Малешево Mountains The Maleshevo mountains are part of the Osogovo–Belasica mountain range located on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border and on its western slopes you will find the town of Berovo. Maleševo is also a geographical territory referring to the region in Macedonia covering the municipalities of Berovo and […]


Mount Kozjak This mountain is located on the Macedonian border with Serbia.  The highest peak is Virovi (Вирови) at 1,284 meters (4213 feet).  There are other geographical references to Kozjak in Macedonia: Another mountain located in the Prilep area Two villages, one in the Resen and one in the Karbinci […]