Movie Bridge – Filmski Most (Zovichki Most)

Filmski Most  (Филмски Мост , Movie Bridge), Зовички Мост (Zovik Bridge), Kamen Most  (Камен Мост , Stone Bridge)

Just a short walk from the village of Zoviк in the Mariovo region in a very picturesque setting is this bridge “Filmski Most – Movie Bridge” that director Milcho Manchevski featured in the movie “Dust”.   The village of Zovik (Зовик) is approximately 51 kilometers (52 minute drive) east of the town of Bitola.

Since 1956 this bridge has been called Stone Bridge (Kamen Most) when it was built to replace a wooden bridge.  After it has been featured in Manchevski’s movie, it is commonly referred to those who live outside of Mariovo has the Movie Bridge.

This stone arch bridge crosses the beautiful and stony Gradeška (Gradeshka) River.  The Gradeshka River is a tributary of the Black River (Crna Reka).  The village of Zovik is one of the handful of villages in the Mariovo region that features remarkable stone architecture such as Gradešnica (Gradeshnitsa), Staravina and Rapeš (Rapesh)


The Bridge


The Gradeshka River




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