Kumanovo – Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity (Sv Troica) in Kumanovo

Holy Trinity – Света Троица (Sveta Troica) in Kumanovo (Куманово)

This church dedicated to the Holy Trinity was built at the turn of the 20th Century.  The church is located just a few steps from the heart of Kumanovo, just behind the Trajko Prokopiev Culture Center, Dom na Kultura (Дом на Култура).  This was the second church constructed in Kumanovo after the 19th century church of St. Nicholas.  It is a very short walk between the two churches.

The church was built in 1901 by Mihajlo Djordjevic from Debar.  At the time, St. Nicholas in Kumanovo was under the Bulgarian Exarchia and local Serbs had rights to attend this church but they wanted to construct a church for themselves. They enlisted the help of the Serbian government which sponsored the plans & blueprints made by the Russian architect Vladimir Antonov.  Queen Draga of Serbia donated the iconostasis and it has many Serbian saints such as St. Sava, Prince Lazar and St. Urosh.1

If you park in the lot adjacent to the Culture Center and walk around the outdoor café to the rear, you will discover Sv. Troica, hidden in a jungle of concrete, towered over by a skyscraper and just inside a paved courtyard reachable by a built-in tunnel though a building.



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