Skopje Aqueduct (Skopski Akvadukt)

Skopje Aqueduct – Скопски аквадукт – Skopski Akvadukt

Just a few kilometers outside Skopje in the village of Vizbegovo (Визбегово) is this ancient Roman aqueduct.  It is believed to have been built around the 1st century to serve the city of Skupi (Скупи, Scupi) during the Roman Empire. The aqueduct continued to be used during the Byzantine Empire and into the 18th century during the Ottoman Empire.

This water transport system was designed to bring water from the source Lavovec near the village of Gluvo (Глуво) on Mount Skopska Crna Gora (Скопска Црна Гора) to the city of Skupi. Skopska Crna Gora is often referred to as the “Holy Mountain” (Sveta Gora, Света Гора) as it is home to fifteen different churches and monasteriessuch as the St. Nicetas Monastery (Sveti Nikita) in the village of Gornjani.


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