Demir Kapija Canyon

Demir Kapija Canyon – The Iron Gate – Демир Капија

The canyon and the town of Demir Kapija (meaning Iron Gate) is located just off of the E75 highway in southern Macedonia on the way to Gevgelija.  A short drive through the town will take you to this picturesque canyon and nice walks along the Vardar River.  The Vardar River carves its way for approximately 30 kilometers through the low lying rocky mountains.  Throw is some beautiful natural landscapes, cliffs, caves and railroad tracks and you have outdoor adventures for hikers and climbing enthusiasts of all levels of experience. The climate here is also wonderful.  Demir Kapija features a convergence of continental and Mediterranean climates and provides great refreshing air.  This is also a great location to hike and gather wild herbs and flowers for making teas.  At the end of the hike we encountered a white horse who really wanted to share his day.

Demir Kapija is great location for hiking and note that this town has the warmest average of temperatures than any other place in Macedonia. Other attractions in Demir Kapija are the Popova Kula winery, Elenov Winery, St. Mary’s Church and a Restaurant Vodenica just across the bridge along the river in a traditional setting that is shaded and features nice horticulture. According to the 2002 Macedonian Census, Demir Kapija has a population of 3,275.


The White Stallion


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