Alphabetical List of Wineries

Bovin Wine Barrels

List of Wineries in Macedonia

In 2014, in attempt to align with EU standards, the Macedonian Ministry of Agriculture reclassified wineries in the three previous wine regions into sixteen wine districts.  As this can be confusing even for a wine lover who has explored the treasure of wineries in Macedonia, below is a alphabetical list of wineries featured on JourneyMacedonia.  


Winery Town Wine District
Bovin Negotino Tikveš
Brušani  Skopje Skopje
Chateau Kamnik Skopje Skopje
Chateau Sopot Lake Mladost Veles
Dalvina Hamzali Strumica-Radoviš
Dudin Negotino Tikveš
Royal Winery “Queen Marija” Demir Kapija Tikveš
Ezimit Vino Štip Ovche Pole
Filovski Prždevo Tikveš
Grozd Strumica Strumica-Radoviš
Imako Vino Štip Ovche Pole
Kartal Skopje Skopje
Lozar Veles Veles Veles
Pivka Negotino Tikveš
Popov Sopot Tikveš
Popova Kula Demir Kapija Tikveš
Povardarie Negotino Tikveš
Skovin Skopje Skopje
Tikveš Kavadarci Tikveš
Traikovsky Krnjevo Tikveš


There are a total of 16 wine districts in the Republic of Macedonia.  To see the breakdown of these wine districts per the previous known three wine regions,Pelagonija-Polog, Povardarie and Pčinja-Osogovo, click here.  

The Tikveš Wine District (part of the Povardarie Region) still comprises the majority of wineries, about two-thirds.



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