Kičevo (Kichevo) – Most Pure Mother of God

Sv Bogorodica Prechiste - Immaculate Holy Mother of God in Kichevo

Most Pure Mother of God – Sveta Bogorodica Prechista – Света Богородица Пречистa in Kičevo (Кичево, Kichevo)

This monastery (convent) founded in 1316 dedicated to the Immaculate (Prechista) Holy Mother of God (Bogorodica) is located about 5 kilometers south of Kičevo on the road to Ohrid on the slopes of Mount Cocan (Цоцан, Tsotsan).  The original monastery was destroyed by the Turks and then later rebuilt in the 19th Century.   The monastery is commonly known as the Kičevo (Kichevo) Monastery, Кичевски Манастир and was previously called the Krninski Monastery, Крнински Манастир.

The Legend of the “Flying Icon”.  According to the legend, local residents chose where they thought it was best to build the monastery and they left an icon at the site overnight. The next morning when the residents and workers returned to break ground and begin construction, the icon was no longer there.  After a full day’s long search, they found the icon next to a spring.  They then returned the icon to the site where they wanted to build the church. The next day, the same thing happened but some arrived early enough to see the icon flying to the spring.  Taken as a sign of God, the decision was made to build the monastery at the spring.1 That spring still exists below the church today and the protected entrance is inside the church. (See the 11th picture in the 2nd gallery below).

A remarkable quality of the monastery is that this monastery serves as a holy place to gather and worship for all faiths, Christians and Muslims. Important holidays are: The Assumption of Mary on 28th of August and the Birth of Mary on the 21st of September.  Adjacent to the main church is a chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas (Sv Nikola).


The Church of the Immaculate Holy Mother of God

Inside the Church


The Monastery Complex


The Chapel of St. Nicholas


The Fountain (Cheshma, Чешма)


Doors to the Main Church


Entrance to the Monastery Complex


Monastery Flowers


Monastery Pets



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