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Kuklica (Stone Dolls)

Kuklica (Куклица) – Valley of the Dolls Kuklica, located near to Kratovo (Кратово) is home to these gigantic figures, over a hundred in total and ranging in height from 2 to 9 meters. These rock formations are commonly referred to as Stone Dolls (Камени Кукли, Kameni Kukli). There are three […]

Kostoperska Karpa – Kostoperski Rid

Kostoperska Karpa (Костоперска Карпа) – Kostoperski Rid (Костоперски Рид) If you leave Kumanovo on the E-871 (A2) highway headed east to Kriva Palanka, after about 9 kilometers on the left side of the highway you will encounter this basaltic monolith “Kostoperska Karpa”, a landmark dominating the immediate terrain. Note that […]

Kolešino Waterfalls (Koleshino)

KOLEŠINO (КОЛЕШИНО, KOLESHINO) WATER FALLS Kolešino Water Falls, named after the nearby village (Koleshino, Колешино) is located  in the Novo Selo municipaility, about a 30 minute drive southeast from Strumica.  The water falls are located on Mount Belasica in nicely wooded area at an elevation of 610 meters (2001 feet). The falls […]

Dissan Vineyards

The Vineyards of Disan (Dissan) Hill at Vešje (Вешје) In the heart of the Tikveš wine region, in the Negotino municipality, nestled between the villages of Gorni Disan (Горни Дисан) and Dolni Disan (Долни Дисан) in a location called Vešje (Вешје) is the treasured Dissan hill. The surround hills are often […]

Demir Kapija Canyon

Demir Kapija Canyon – The Iron Gate – Демир Капија The canyon and the town of Demir Kapija (meaning Iron Gate) is located just off of the E75 highway in southern Macedonia on the way to Gevgelija.  A short drive through the town will take you to this picturesque canyon […]

Black River – Crna Reka

Black River – Crna Reka – Црна Река The Crna Reka (Black River) is a tributary from the mountains in western Macedonia flowing south to Bitola where it makes a wide turn through the Mariovo (Мариово) region and heads northeast until it joins the Vardar (Вардар) River near Gradsko (градско). […]

Lešok – St. Athanasius (Leshochki Manastir)

Saint Athanasius – Свети Атанасиј near the village of Lešok (Лешок) – Lešok Monastery – Lešočki (Leshochki Manastir) – Лешочки манастир St. Athanasius is located in the Lešok (Leshochki)  Monastery about 11 kilometers northeast of the town of Tetovo and just 1 kilometer northwest of the village of Lešok (pronounced Leshok). […]