Galichnik Wedding (Galička Svadba)

Galička Svadba – Galichnik Wedding – Галичка Свадба The Galička Svadba is an annual two-day event that brings to life the local traditions and cultural heritage of the mountain village, Galičnik (Галичник, Galichnik) located in the Mavrovo National Park on the Bistra mountain massif. This wedding celebrates centuries’ old traditions […]

Kuklica (Stone Dolls)

Kuklica (Куклица) – Valley of the Dolls Kuklica, located near to Kratovo (Кратово) is home to these gigantic figures, over a hundred in total and ranging in height from 2 to 9 meters. These rock formations are commonly referred to as Stone Dolls (Камени Кукли, Kameni Kukli). There are three […]