Maleševo (Maleshevo)

The Maleševo (Maleshevo) Малешево Mountains The Maleshevo mountains are part of the Osogovo–Belasica mountain range located on the Macedonia-Bulgaria border and on its western slopes you will find the town of Berovo. Maleševo is also a geographical territory referring to the region in Macedonia covering the municipalities of Berovo and […]

Smolare Waterfall

Smolare Waterfall – Смоларски Водопад – Smolarski Vodopad The Smolare Waterfall, named after the nearby village of the same name, is a short drive from Strumica. Heading east from Strumica one can first visit Kolešino Water Falls and then proceed a little further to enjoy the Smolarksi Waterfall. The waterfall is located on […]

Mokrino Springs (Mokrinski Izvori)

Mokrino Springs – Мокрински Извори – Mokrinski Izvori These springs, as are the Smolare & Kolešino Water Falls, are located near the town of Strumica on Mount Besalica. The springs are named after the nearby village, Mokrino. The village was named because of all the marshes and springs in the […]

Kolešino Waterfalls (Koleshino)

KOLEŠINO (КОЛЕШИНО, KOLESHINO) WATER FALLS Kolešino Water Falls, named after the nearby village (Koleshino, Колешино) is located  in the Novo Selo municipaility, about a 30 minute drive southeast from Strumica.  The water falls are located on Mount Belasica in nicely wooded area at an elevation of 610 meters (2001 feet). The falls […]