Daily Archives: April 11, 2015

Vardar River

Vardar River – Вардар Река The Vardar is the main river in Macedonia. The river begins near Gostivar in northeast Macedonia and heads south through the capitol city of Skopje, through Veles and Demir Kapija until it enters Greece near Gevgelija1 and continues until the Aegean Sea. This is also the […]

Smolare Waterfall

Smolare Waterfall – Смоларски Водопад – Smolarski Vodopad The Smolare Waterfall, named after the nearby village of the same name, is a short drive from Strumica. Heading east from Strumica one can first visit Kolešino Water Falls and then proceed a little further to enjoy the Smolarksi Waterfall. The waterfall is located on […]


Mount Vodno – Водно Планина This medium-sized mountain, home to the iconic millennium cross, provides very nice views of the Skopje (Скопје), the capital city of Macedonia.  Vodno is popular tourist destination, especially for family hikes. As is Mount Busheva near Krushevo, this is a great spot for paragliding. The […]

Popova Šapka (Popova Shapka)

Popova Šapka – Попова Шапка (Popova Shapka) Popova Shapka, part of the Šar Planina (Šar mountain range, pronounced “Shar”) is a peak and ski resort in Northwestern Macedonia just west of the town of Tetovo.   The peak Popova Šapka reaches 1780 meters (5840 feet). To reach Popova Shapka from Tetovo […]


Mount Ponikva – Пониква Ponikva is part of the Osogovo mountain range and has an elevation of 1560 meters (5118 feet). The name not only refers to the mountain peak but also to the ski resort located there.  Whatever the season, this mountain offers spectacular views and wonderful nature. Ponikva […]

Plačkovica (Plachkovitsa)

Plačkovica – Plachkovitsa – Плачковица A short drive from Štip (Shtip, Штип) will bring you to this mountain, Plachkovitsa, in Eastern Macedonia.  Near the summit of Lisec (Лисец) and the Zrnovska River gorge we discovered an old basilica, a great hike, mountain goats and wonderful views.  We even discovered the […]