Daily Archives: June 2, 2015

Skopje – Ploštad (Ploshtad)

Skopje’s Main Public Square – Ploštad (Ploshtad) There are many sights and experiences to have in Skopje from the Old Bazaar (Stara Čaršija / Stara Charshija) to Museums, the ancient city of Skupi / Scupi to the Skopje Fortress, from river walks to walks up Mount Vodno, and palate pleasing […]

Stracin (Stratsin)

The Village of Stracin – Село Страцин (Selo Stracin) The village of Stracin is special to me as this is the birthplace of my Godfather Vančo and one day he took me to this village where we enjoyed a nice barbecue and picking fruit. On a long pole, Vančo had […]